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Harphajan’s World of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Building computer programs that automatically improve their performance through experience

Machine Learning

Supervised Learning | Unsupervised Learning | Reinforcement Learning

Deep Learning

Detecting the important features of an object without knowing the true nature of the object

Deep Learning

Neural Networks | Recurrent Neural Networks | Convolutional Neural Networks

Natural Language

Building fluent conversations solving Question Answering, Machine Translation and Text Understanding

Natural Language

Sentiment Analysis | Entity Extraction | Classification | Conversational AI/Bot Training | Relational Mapping

Computer Vision

Developing intelligent algorithms that perform important visual perception tasks

Computer Vision

Object Recognition | Scene Categorization | Integrative Scene Understanding | Human Motion Recognition | Material Recognition

Welcome to HSK’s Blog

Welcome to my Artificial Intelligence blog. You will find the latest AI BlogAI Experiments & great AI News here as well as information on notable conferences I speak at, plus I hope to provide top AI Resources for those interested in learning more about artificial intelligence. I am working very hard to make this the BEST Artificial Intelligence blog out there. I hope you come to enjoy it more and more as I steadily improve it over time. Thanks again for visiting, HSK

Apache Spark 90%
Torch 85%
Theano 80%
Scikit Learn 95%
TensorFlow 95%

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Thanks for such a timely post. I guess your article have covered all the grounds related to this issue. I liked your efforts and hard work.

Jean-Marc Kerisit

awesome post Thank you for sharing


Dear HSK, this is a great point and I can certainly look into more insights on text pre-processing module.

Huseyin Yildiz

Pretty Nice AI Experiments Coming Soon, Stay Tuned!

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Leading the charge towards AI

Leading the charge towards General Purpose AI with Reinforcement Learning as a first
step that can survive in a variety of environments(instead of being tied to certain rules or models)

Innovating with AI

Building new equation for future AI innovation, one in which business disrupts and spurs a great leap forward