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July 2012

Seeking Foresights with Big Data Analytics

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Today, best run companies are constantly seeking data driven answers to critical business questions such as:- Why are our customers leaving us? How many customers have switched to competition What is the value of a ‘tweet’ or a ‘like’? What is the impact on the new product launch on my market share What products are our customers [...]

8 Best Practices for Executing a Successful Big Data Analytics Strategy

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While business and IT executives are convinced of the potential of Analytics within their industry, often companies are uncertain on how to embark successfully on a Big Data Analytics journey for its enterprise. There’s no one way to ensure Big Data analytics success, however following a set of frameworks and best practices outlined here, can [...]

Top Five Successful Use Cases for Customer Analytics

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Big Data Analytics play an even bigger role in business decision making and today, companies have successfully leveraged better business insights with the right use cases. Big Data use cases are the foundation of Big Data Analytics. Big data use cases addresses business challenges to yield insights that lead to better decision making and generally are developed [...]

Leading the charge towards AI

Leading the charge towards General Purpose AI with Reinforcement Learning as a first step that can survive in a variety of environments(instead of being tied to certain rules or models)

Innovating with AI

Building new equation for future AI innovation, one in which business disrupts and spurs a great leap forward