AI Powered Killer Robot

//AI Powered Killer Robot

AI Powered Killer Robot

Russian weapons maker Kalashnikov is working on an automated gun system that uses artificial intelligence to make “shoot/no shoot” decisions. The Kalashnikov “combat module” will include 7.62-millimeter machine gun coupled with a camera attached to a computer system.

According to TASS, the module uses “neural network technologies that enable it to identify targets and make decisions”. A key part of neural networking technology is the ability to learn from past mistakes.The Kalashnikov “combat module” will consist of a gun connected to a console that constantly crunches image data “to identify targets and make decisions


The use of combat robots “Companion” and “Nerekhta” in a tactical-special occupation with motorized rifles
Some of the weaponry recently revealed by the Kalashnikov Group

The two most recent emerging technologies used are Target Image Discrimination and Loitering (i.e. self-engagement)

Are we ready to give machines the authority to make life or death decisions?

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