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Chief Data & Analytics Officer Singapore July 2017

Keynote Speaker on the subject of “Innovating with Artificial Intelligence

Demystification of Artificial Intelligence commencing with introductions to Machine Learning and Deep Learning.Subsequently shared practical applications of AI in the Insurance and Financial Services space and why do we care about AI in general.

Moderating a Panel discussion on the subject of “Data Driven Leaders

To gather enough momentum to deliver truly exceptional results that create competitive advantage, new business opportunities and deliver effective customer experience, strong data-centric leaders are required to spearhead a data enabled organisation. The panel discussed the subject on data driven leaders broadly on :-

  • Design and deliver: How to drive data-centric transformation of the businesses
  • Communicate: Strategies to motivate business leaders to ensure data analytics is integral to everyday business decision making
  • Measure: Effective measurements of your data capabilities and how to improve
  • Sustain: Ensuring strong data governance, security and ethics underpins your data enabled organisation

Leading the charge towards AI

Leading the charge towards General Purpose AI with Reinforcement Learning as a first
stepĀ that can survive in a variety of environments(instead of being tied to certain rules or models)

Innovating with AI

Building new equation for futureĀ AI innovation, one in which business disrupts and spurs a great leap forward