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Annual Enterprise Innovation CXO Forum Singapore April 2017

Keynote speaker on the subject of Digital Business Success

Living in times of unprecedented changes, where we`re in constant state of flux when it comes to technologies, markets and trends. We are continuously being disrupted, and every day we hear a lot more of disruptions and innovations across industries.

I discussed at length the 4 major forces which has fuelled the rate of disruption in recent years  and its sustaining impacts for years to come


Moderating a Panel discussion on the subject of “The New Data Democracy

There was a time when only a select few individuals had insight into the nuts and bolts of an enterprise’s data architecture and ecosystem. Those days are over – today, the amount of data generated and used has multiplied, and access to this data is easier. How can all employees across various departments use data to the advantage of an organization? What does an “open data” policy in a company look like? Moderated an insightful discussions with heads of global financial institutions in Singapore


Leading the charge towards AI

Leading the charge towards General Purpose AI with Reinforcement Learning as a first
step that can survive in a variety of environments(instead of being tied to certain rules or models)

Innovating with AI

Building new equation for future AI innovation, one in which business disrupts and spurs a great leap forward