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Big Data Analytics & Effective CEM Strategy in Financial Services
World Summit 2017

Keynote Speaker on the subject of “Accelerating Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence : A perspective of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Practical Applications of AI in Financial Services

Moderating a Panel discussion on the subject of “Turning Data into Actionable Customer Insights”

  • Designing your data roadmap: Deciding what to capture and how to capture it for greater customer insights
  • How can you leverage customer insights to differentiate service, empower front-line staff and create emotional royalty?
  • Measuring and evaluating the ROI of your data analytics program

Leading the charge towards AI

Leading the charge towards General Purpose AI with Reinforcement Learning as a first
step that can survive in a variety of environments(instead of being tied to certain rules or models)

Innovating with AI

Building new equation for future AI innovation, one in which business disrupts and spurs a great leap forward